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Bombarde How to

Learning the Breton Bombarde!

More than a traditionnal method, Bombarde, How to is a collection of tips for beginning successfully the Bombarde (traditional woodwind instrument from Brittany) without solfeggio, in order to help self-learning this instrument then possibly moving smoothly to the biniou (the Breton bagpipe associated to the bombarde).


Bombarde, How to is a free document, freely downloadable and is published under license:

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0

You are allowed to freely copy and distribute the file, but without modifying, splitting or altering it and you must mention its original source.


Bombarde, How to is published only in PDF format. To read this document, you must install a PDF reader if this is not already done.

fr FRANÇAIS version 6.0 [16 Mo, 266 pages, 2019-08-27]

bzh BREZHONEG (Ur blijadur 'vo bezañ sikouret gant an droidigezh)

gb ENGLISH version 6.0 [14 Mb, 243 pages, 2019-08-27]

Date of first publishing (v. 1.0) : 2014-07-09

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